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Teaching and supervision

Current Teaching Activities – University of Luxembourg

Bachelor in Psychology (academic)/BAP

Since 2012                  Psychophysiology A: Concepts and Methods (5th Sem.)

                                    Psychophysiology B: Applications (6th Sem.)

Master in Psychological Intervention/MPI

Since 2014                  Health Psychology A: Theories and Models (1st Sem.)

                                    Health Psychology B: Methods and Assessment (2nd Sem.)

Current Teaching Activities – University of Trier

Since 2016                  Psychophysiology and Health/Graduate studies

Past Teaching Activities – University of Trier

2012-2016                   “Psychophysiologische Methoden” (2 h/w, Psychobiology)

2011-2012                   “Peer Review Publishing” (2 h/w, International Graduate Center)

2011-2012                   “Psychophysiologische Labortechniken” (2 h/w, Psychology)

2011-2012                   “Peripherphysiologische Forschungsmethoden für Forschung und Klinik” (2 h/w, Psychobiology)

2010-2011                   “Klinische Psychologie: Körperwahrnehmung und Psychosomatische Störungen” (2 h/w, Psychology)

2010-2011                   “Psychophysiologische Methoden für Forschung und Klinik” (1 h/w, Psychobiology)

2010                            “Periphere und Klinische Psychophysiologie” (1 h/w, Psychobiology)

2009-2010                   “Kardiovaskuläre Psychophysiologie” (1 h/w, Psychobiology)

2009-2011                   “Psychophysiologische Versuchsplanung mit E-Prime” (2 h/w, Psychobiology)

2009-2010                   “Forschungsmethodik und Evaluation: Psychophysiologische Methoden” (2 h/w, Psychology)

2009-2012                   “Einführung in die Versuchssteuerungssoftware E-Prime” (2 h/w, International Graduate Center)

2008-2009                   “Forschungsorientierte Vertiefung: Persönlichkeitsforschung“ (2 h/w, Psychology)

2006-2008                   “Forschungsorientierte Vertiefung: Gesundheitspsychologie und Psychosomatik“ (2 h/w, Psychology)

2006-2009                   “Methodisch-technisches Kolloquium Klinische Physiologie” (1 h/w, Psychobiology)

2015-2016                   “SPSS-Kurs für PsychologInnen” (2 h/w, Psychology)

PhD supervision

Current PhD Supervision
NameTopicYear of registrationInstitutionRoleOutcome
Katharina GrossGenetische und psychosoziale Faktoren der Hyperhidrose2015University of TrierCo-supervisor1 publication
Mirjam Thomas*Mental comorbidity, interoception and emotion regulation in chronic pain patients2018University of LuxembourgCo-supervisor 
Kim OpdensteinenInterozeption und Stress bei Kleinkindern2018University of TrierCo-supervisor 
Oleksii Domin*Enhancing physical activity in adolescents using mHealth technology2018University of LuxembourgCo-supervisor 
Ruta Müller*Stress effects on interoceptive learning and memory as mechanism of somatic symptom generation2019University of LuxembourgPrimary supervisor4 publications
Lena Mareen GraboLinking self-regulation and its different components to stress – How do self-regulation and stress affect each other?2019University of Duisburg-EssenCo-supervisor 
Greta Hansen*Interoception and chronic stress2019University of LuxembourgPrimary supervisor1 publication
Lisa LaiInteroceptive stimulation as intervention method to reduce stress and somatic symptoms2020University of LuxembourgPrimary supervisor 
Past PhD Supervision
NameTopicYear of completionInstitutionRoleOutcome
Annika Lutz*Body perception and evaluation in naorexia nervosa2015University of LuxembourgCo-supervisorResearch Associate (Luxembourg), 8 publications
Cristina Campillo*Computer-assisted interventions to improve self-regulation in patients with self-regulatory deficits2015University of LuxembourgCo-supervisorPsychotherapy training (Barcelona), 1 publication
Erik CeunenUnpleasantness and fear in interoception2015Catholic University of LeuvenDefense committee memberResearch Associate (Leuven) 8 publications
Zoé van DyckThe role of external and internal stimuli in the regulation of eating behaviour2016University of LuxembourgDefense committee memberResearch Associate (Luxembourg), 6 publications
Silke Rost*The role of self-regulatory capacity in the adaptation to pain2016University of LuxembourgCo-supervisorPsychotherapy training (Luxembourg), 5 publications
Agnieszka Czeluscinska*Attentional bias to body- and sexually-relevant stimuli2019University of LuxembourgCo-supervisor 
Violetta Schaan*Social rejection in early childhood and ist effects on stress responses in later life2019University of LuxembourgCo-supervisor8 publications
Alessandro Decarli*The role of attachment and parental representations on mental health and wellbeing in adolescents2015University of LuxembourgCo-supervisor

* Marked PhD students were supported by third-party funded projects